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Wheelchair for Marvin

Marvin D’Souza, our Tech Support Manager Extraordinaire, who is always so helpful and ready to help others, now needs our support. He has a friend, Thomas Klem, who he met through a charitable organization that Marvin donates his time to, who has been afflicted with polio for over 50 years, and Marvin would like to see him get a modern, more mobile wheelchair. Won’t you help us help Marvin achieve this noble endeavor. The donation jug will be open at the café . . . the same jug where we raised over $30,000 in cash and pledges for Tsunami Relief and Hurricane Katrina. Anything sum you can contribute (dollars and coins okay) would be appreciated. Our goal is to purchase Tom the nicest wheelchair possible with the money we raise, then bring him in for the surprise presentation of the gift. SOS and the café have pledged to kick off the drive with a donation of $500 each.
The nicer wheelchairs are expensive. Thanks folks.

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