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Chelsea/23rd St. Flatiron/Bway at 25th St.


CCT Solutions, Ltd

“It's the way you're treated here that's so outstanding. I never worked in a place where they took such good care of us, our employees, and all our business support needs.”

Judy Cooke
Vice President
CCT Solutions
ABBE Ville Press

“After 9/11, we needed a place to recover, and rebuild our business. Not only did Select Ofice Suites provide us with a home for our business, but they were with us every step of the way during this difficult period.”

Robert Abrams
Abbeville Press
Freedom To Marry

“The way the staff embraces and supports all the organizations here, including our own, is tremendous. In the past 10 years, they've always gone out of their way to make us feel welcome and part of the family.”

Evan Wolfson
President & Founder
Freedom To Marry
W & M

“It has been nothing but perfection here at Select Ofice Suites, thanks to the staff's support and dedication.”

Kaiser Wahab, Esq.
The Law Firm of
Wahab & Medenica
The Latters

“In little over a year at Select Ofice Suites, our company was able to grow from a 3-person operation, to a 40-person organization, in great part due to the friendly and professional support team at Select.”

Marc Cenedella
Founder, CEO & President
The Ladders

Recent News Briefs on Select Office Suites

FOX Small Business Center

How to Stand Out From the Crowd

Written By Mary Rosenbaum
Published February 13, 2012 FOXBusiness

Angela Olivo and Select Office Suites Honoring The Standout Wall Street Journal and WCBS NewsRadio880 Stand-Out Reporter: Joe Connolly -- The Pied Piper of New York Entrepreneurs

As competition across industries increases, so do the demands of your customers and clients, making it vital for you to stand out in a crowded market. A strong brand that highlights your unique value will help create a bond between you and your customers. The American Marketing Association defines a brand as a "Name, term, design, symbol, or any other feature that identifies one seller's goods or services as distinct from those of other sellers."

For small businesses, branding involves more than just symbols or design, and standing out takes more than just touting your great services.

They key to differentiating your business is not what you do, but HOW you do it. And "how" you do it is a direct reflection of your core values - the bedrock of a strong brand.

Angela Olivo, co-founder and COO of Select Office Suites, a provider of provider of executive office space and virtual offices. Her company operates business centers in New York City and has a tenancy average of almost five years, compared to the industry average of less than one year. In fact, 25% of her tenants rent for 10 years.

Approximately 80% of Olivo's business is generated through referrals and internal expansions, and she attributes her success to the environment she creates in her offices that is based on community and family. Her business centers are a reflection of her values, and her company tagline reads "Love where you work" and her tenants do just that.

At her office buildings, street names are assigned to hallways, and bulletin boards provide information on the "residents" on each street. There is a welcoming café replete with flat screen TV and comfy sofas and chairs providing a place for solo-entrepreneurs and small teams to connect "outside" the office. Business deals between companies here are common, successes are shared with neighbors and celebrations are floor-wide.

Olivo's core values resonate with her clients, and are the prime differentiator in a highly-competitive, price sensitive industry.

How you conduct your business is a powerful source of differentiation. When you connect your core values with the way your business operates you create emotional connection points with clients who share similar values. This is the foundation of brand loyalty.

Here are some guidelines to create connections with customers, and stand out from the crowd. Be authentic. There is nothing worse than portraying behavior you think is attractive to patrons, but is inauthentic to who you are. Non-genuine behavior solely designed to impress cannot be maintained in the long term, and alienates customers.

Don't be afraid to take risks. Some people might have thought that street signs, raffles, and open "street" parties would be hokey and out of place in a business center. But it worked for Olivo. If you want to live your values and incorporate them in the way you conduct your business, doing it right can never be wrong.

You can't please everyone. So don't try. Strong brands take a stand, and they don't try to be all things to all people. The clients you attract and connect with will become your brand ambassadors and help you spread the word to other like-minded patrons.

Be consistent. Once your business is known for doing things a certain way, make sure you deliver on expectations each and every time.

In order for you to be memorable, build customer loyalty and strengthen your brand, let your values shine through. You will stand out from the competition.

The New York Post

Select Office Suites: Best For The Collegial And The Corporate

No communal tables or scruffy laptoppers at these ultra-deluxe spaces in Chelsea and Flatiron, which rent offices and executive suites for single-day or long-term use. In addition to round-the-clock support staff and concierge services, they also offer a mind-boggling bounty of extras, ranging from rooftop parties to massages to a soccer team. There's also a social calendar that includes Atlantic City junkets and poker tournaments, as well as a busy schedule of networking and business development events.

Features: Many, from concierge services to a rooftop deck

Social scene: Parties, many other social and professional gatherings

TV Lounge at our New York Office Community Skylight Cafe at our New York Office Community Roof Deck at our New York Office Community

Select Office Suites doubling its space

The provider of office rentals expanded to three floors in its current location in the Flatiron district.

By Amanda Fung

Select Office Suites, which provides short- and long-term office space rentals, is more than doubling its space in the Flatiron district.

The company has signed a 15-year lease for a total of 59,000 square feet at 1115 Broadway, on W. 25th St. Select Office originally occupied 23,000 square feet in the building.

"We were looking to open another center in Chelsea or the Flatiron area so when the space became available it was a no brainer," said Angela Olivo, managing member of Select Office.

The firm will occupy the entire 11th and 12th floors, as well as the partial 10th floor of the 12-story building. With the additional space, Select Office will have 250 individual suites available for rent. It has had its Broadway location since 2006.

"The expansion is a sign that the neighborhood around Madison Square Park is strong," said James Buslik of Adams & Co. Real Estate, who represented the landlord Eleven Fifteen Associates.

Founded in 1997, Select Office has another location at 116 W. 23rd St., where it offers 200 suites for firms to rent. The two centers are open 24 hours a day, seven days a week, said Ms. Olivo. Monthly rental rates range from $1,200 to $20,000 depending on the clients' needs.

Jeffrey Buslik, son of James, and Nicholas Zagar of Adams & Co. represented the tenant.

Select Office Suites Re-Ups, Expands in Midtown

By Jacqueline Hlavenka

NEW YORK CITY-One of the city's leading office space providersSelect Office Suites, Inc. is now expanding their Midtown South office space as well. The company signed a 15-year, 58,651-square-foot renewal and expansion at 1115 Broadway, says Adams & Co. Real Estate LLC, who brokered the sale.

Located within the Flatiron District, the company offers traditional and furnished office space, virtual office plans and co-working communities for start-up businesses as well as long-term renters. With the new lease in place, the company's space has nearly doubled in size, going from approximately 28,000 square feet to almost 60,000 square feet, says Ray Lindenberg, manager of sales and branding for Select Office Suites. "Business is booming," Lindenberg tells "It booms during good economic times, and during difficult ones, a lot of people come to us who are looking to start up a business."

Once the lease was about to expire, Lindenberg says the company considered moving to a different building, but they ultimately decided to stay in Flatiron. The 12-story, 273,000-square-foot building has 24/7 access and is located right off Madison Square Park. "We looked at a number of spaces, but we have such an outstanding relationship with the landlord that it made business sense to continue here," he says.

James Buslik, Jeffrey Buslik and Nicholas Zagar of Adams & Co. represented the tenant and the landlord, Eleven Fifteen Associates, in the transaction.

"Select Office Suites has been a long-standing tenant at 1115 Broadway and we are glad to see them not only staying, but growing substantially," says James Buslik, principal of Adams & Co, in a statement. "We look forward to the company's continued success."

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